Dachshunds As Family Pet: 11 Things You Must Know About

Dachshunds are perfect family dogs, and living with a Doxie is fun and exciting. However, these dogs have some inherent qualities, and every prospective owner must know about them. A prior knowledge of these personality and behavioral traits can help you make a decision about bringing home a Dachshund and offering him the best care.

Dachshunds are Super Possessive

A Doxie is fiercely loyal, and his possessiveness is a natural outcome of his loyalty. Dachshunds remain loyal to their families and in many instances, they have a family favorite. They just love to stay close, play with, follow, or cuddle with the one they prefer.

A Dachshund cannot stay without his human family. He turns super protective of the life and property of the one he loves and intensely resists strangers and other dogs. With proper training and socialization, you can curb signs of aggressive behavior associated with its possessiveness.

Dachshunds are Super Diggers

Doxies have a penchant for digging, and if let scot-free, it may destroy your lawn, garden, and even create tunnels under the fence. The digging quality in Dachshunds is a natural outcome of their breeding. They were bred to hunt down badgers and rabbits digging their den holes. Their predatory and digging tendency often comes to the fore, though they have become pure family dogs.

Use grooming sessions to check if your Doxie has injured his paws or nails due to digging.

Dachshunds are Capable Watchman

Praising the Dachshund’s guarding ability, Queen Victoria once commented, “Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.”

Dachshunds are very capable watchdogs though they lack the terrifying physique of big dogs. The Applied Animal Behavior Science journal reported a study in 2008 claiming that a Doxie is more predisposed to showing aggression to a stranger compared to other bigger, muscular canines.

Dachshunds May Be Noisy

The original duty of a Dachshund was to trap a badger or rabbit and then bark to draw the attention of hunters. Thus, the dog has a genetic dispossession to bark and make you alert.

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Dachshunds are likely to make noise every time your doorbell rings. Even in many cases, you may not need a doorbell, as your Doxie starts raising alarming noises even before a visitor touches the bell. They bark at the sight of a mailman, a pizza guy, or any stranger approaching your gates. Their barks often are so loud and consistent that may mistake it that of an aggressive Doberman or Rottweilers.

However, you can train and socialize your dog to stay calm and avoid unnecessary barking.

Dachshunds are Super Smart

Doxies are bold, smart, and shrewd. You may give up in the face of their stubbornness, but they never back down once they have started solving something. Often owners express frustration over training these strong-willed dogs.

You need to be intelligent enough to handle a Doxie and tactful to keep the dog amenable. These super smart canines often “train their owners” than being trained by them. Owners need a lot of patience and perseverance to train them.

Dachshunds Don’t Like Cold, Rainy Weather

Inclement weather is a problem with most small dogs. However, in the case of clever and stubborn Dachshunds, it is a big deterrent to going outdoors. A Doxie refuses to go outside during cold and wet days. He just hates water touching his belly. So, be prepared to meet witty and even aggressive resistance from your Doxie when taking him outdoors on snowy or rainy days unless he is trained well.

Dachshunds are Vulnerable To Back Problem

The physical shape of Dachshunds puts them at a risk of back injury. Intervertebral disc disease is a common problem with these dogs.

With small legs, their elongated back is prone to stress and strain following jumping, running, and other activities. Even picking them by paws or with one hand can hurt their back. Take ample care to ensure their back is not injured due to their activity or while playing. Though Doxies are not fragile, you must carry them with care.

Dachshund Obesity is A Concern

Doxies are agile, smart, and athletic. However, their love for food often puts them at a risk of getting overweight. They just beg you for food all the time and eat a lot.

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Obesity in Dachshunds may lead to diabetes, back injury, cardiovascular issues, and a host of other health disorders. You should not give into the begging of your pooch. Feed your Doxie only as many calories as required for a dog of his age, size, and daily activity level.

Dachshunds are Energetic

A Dachshund is full of energy and you need to commit to regular playing or exercise time for the dog. Your Doxie may become bored without adequate physical and mental stimulation and may behave in weird ways. Take it on a 45-60-minute daily walk to keep it hale and hearty.

Dachshunds Infamous for Resisting Potty Training

It is not easy to potty train a Dachshund. The dog often ignores your training due to its independent thinking and stubborn attitude. Its housebreaking inhibitions are well known. Owners have to show consistent patience, dedication, and perseverance without losing cool when training a Doxie. Once trained, your dog turns into one of your most obedient friends and loyal companions.

Dachshunds are Exceptionally Social

Dachshunds cannot stay alone. They thrive in the company of humans and other pets. Doxies need friends, family, or companion all the time. They may suffer from anxiety and depression if they are left alone for longer periods.

These attention seekers want the love and affection of owners all the time. They have a habit of snuggling with, cuddling against, or staying very close to humans. A Doxie loves to follow his owner all the time.

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