FAQs About Exercise for Dachshunds

The Dachshund is a small dog and does not need plenty of regular exercises. However, you must not allow your dog to remain inactive at home throughout the day. Exercise for Dachshunds is necessary for their physical and mental stimulation so that they can beat boredom and lethargy. Regular workouts also prevent your Doxie from turning flabby while keeping him cheerful and jovial.

Why Should You Exercise Your Dachshund?

Exercising your Dachshund is essential to ensure his overall wellbeing. Without physical activity, the dog may be a couch potato and put on excess weight. Dachshund obesity is associated with an increase in the risk of health disorders, such as diabetes, heart issues, arthritis, back pain, joint problems, etc.

Regular exercise for Dachshunds facilitates their mental stimulation. The dog is lively and intelligent. However, your Doxie may become depressed or turn destructive when he is bored. So, ensure that your dog has a plenty of daily exercises to stay happy and healthy. A hearty Dachshund is less aggressive for strangers and behaves well.

Exercise also plays a part in the socialization of your Dachshund. It allows him to know the surroundings and introduces him to objects, noises, humans, and other animals. Such exposure makes your dog less scary and subdues his instincts – both playing a part in reducing his chances of biting others. Your dog learns how to behave with others, as he comes across various people and experiences diverse situations. This reinforces socialization skills in him.

What is the Best Exercise for Dachshunds?

Walking, running, or fetching workouts with your dog are various forms of formal exercise for Dachshunds.

A Dachshund requires 5 minutes of daily exercise, depending on their age. For a puppy, 5 minutes of play a day is enough. However, as your Doxie turns into a 4-month-old, he needs a 20-minute walk every day to stay healthy. In the fifth month, it should be increased to 25 minutes. You need 30 minutes of daily exercise for Dachshunds of 6 months of age. A one-year-old Doxie needs about a 60-minute walk every day.

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For an adult Dachshund, you may split your schedule to provide him with ample time for daily exercising.

Does a Dachshund Puppy Need Exercise?

Let your Dachshund puppy spend ample time sleeping. There is no need for formal exercise for Dachshunds of less than 3 months. His playtime at home is adequate. You should allow him to keep his walking or playing limited to his own interests. Once his course of inoculations is over, you can take him for short walks, not exceeding 10 minutes, once in a few days.

Is Walking a Better Exercise for Dachshunds Than Running?

Being a small dog, walking is a better exercise for Dachshunds than running. A Doxie’s skeletal construction does not allow it to run for too long. This may damage his joints and cause stress on the back. It is better to take your dog on long walks and allow running for small distances. But you should be mindful that you should not press them to walk for miles just because they need to be active daily. Better to intermix walking exercises with fetching workouts for an injury-free workout routine.

Do Dachshunds Love Exercise?

Doxies are full of energy. However, they avoid physical activities as they grow up, and free exercise for Dachshunds usually does not work. It is seen that Doxies stop very often, feigning tiredness when they are allowed to work out on their own. They are more amenable to playing or exercising with their family members.

You must introduce your dog to exercise at a young age and have a daily schedule. Take him on on-lead walking or supervised off-lead playing and running around. Motivate him to play around or walk with you.

How To Deal With a Dachshund Stubborn for a Walk?

Dachshunds have an independent nature, and this often makes them stubborn.  Is there any health issue dissuading your Doxie from going on a walk with you? Is he fearful of people outside? Use your garden area or even the drawing room for moderate activity with your dog to motivate him.

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Appeal to his working instincts. Challenge your Doxie while playing with him. Hide a toy or wrap it in a cloth and let him find it out. If he is enjoying this kind of play, you can take him to a nearby park for more fun activities and help him develop interest in playing. Once he finds the exercise time enjoyable, his stubbornness will fade away.

Your planned exercise for Dachshunds should also be fun-filled and appealing to your dog.

Is Your Dachshund Getting Too Much Exercise?

Young Dachshunds put through too much exercises are more likely to have poor body development and top-lines.

Any kind of exercise for Dachshunds must take into consideration their stamina and level of energy. Forcing him to walk for miles may result in dehydration and fast depletion of energy. Let the time limit not exceed 60 minutes while exercising your dog.

Add different varieties of workouts to keep him motivated and prevent early burnout.

What are Important Dachshund Exercise Precautions To Follow?

  • Avoid too much exercise, as it may cause injury and dehydration.
  • No jumping exercise for Dachshunds, as it may damage their back joints.
  • When employing someone to walk your dog, instruct him about exercise care for small dogs.
  • Pay attention to the upper body strength and special needs of Dachshunds during exercise.
  • Be careful of allergy triggers and infections when taking your dog for a walk.
  • No fast twists or turns while exercising your Dachshund.
  • Pay close attention to Dachshunds playing with big dogs to prevent accidental injuries.

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