Living With A Doxie: Understanding Dachshund Temperament

Are you looking for another lively, charming canine friend that can easily become one of the most lovable members of your family? Perhaps you are thinking of living with a Dachshund. Charming, brave, and affectionate, doxies shower a lot of love on their human friends. They are attention-seekers who will steal the show with their playful tactics. With a lot of personality traits packed in a tiny little body, the Dachshund temperament too makes the dog an excellent companion for single people who can devote an endless amount of time to their pooch.

If you are considering having a doxie, it would be better to learn about their Dachshund temperament beforehand. It helps you evaluate the suitability of the breed for your family and prepare yourself for its best care and socialization.

Already have a pet at home? Worry not! Although Dachshunds can be jealous of pets in the family, they are usually good with other animals. They are attention seekers who may be possessive of their toys. When thinking of living with a Dachshund along with another pet in the family, it is a good idea to put an end to the first signs of jealousy. One of the Dachshund personality traits is not to share attention with others. They may start to exhibit signs of possessiveness. Train them to live in harmony with others. This will ensure that they aren’t over possessive.

Dachshund Temperament and Trainability

They are tiny little creatures who want to live on their own terms. You cannot dictate terms to a Dachshund. Your efforts are bound to fail, as a Dachshund loves being in charge. They believe they are in charge of things all the time, including where, when they should be going and what they should be doing. When the question arises, “who is the boss,” your Doxie may not hesitate to prove himself as the one.

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Dachshund temperament is unique in many aspects. They have a showy side and will want to be the star attraction, so all eyes are on him. Ignore their bad behavior and they will immediately stop it.

One of the Dachshund personality traits is that he is least interested in any activity or behavior that is forced upon them. If you want to get them to do something, you cannot think of anything but treats and abundance of patience. When it comes to training your Doxie, harsh treatment is unwelcome, as Dachshunds will not respond positively.

Although difficult to house train, Dachshunds make one of the best companions for friendly grown-up adults and elders alike. Living with a Dachshund gets easier if he is trained thoroughly.

Once it is clear to them that you are the boss, they will not hesitate to turn into a devoted and loyal companion, who is always ready to be by your side. Primarily a choice for small families, the one-person dog is happy to follow you around the house.

Dachshund Temperament: Know Important Personality Traits


A lively and playful breed, Dachshund is a highly affectionate dog that loves to stay with his boss all the time. A big-time entertainer, your playful doxie will try to entertain himself out of anything. He takes everything as a game.


Dachshund temperament is a curious intermix of joviality and stubbornness. When living with a wiener, you will realize that they are hard to train and notoriously stubborn. They will not hesitate to show resistance to something they are least interested in. One important Dachshund personality characteristic is their doggedness not to go outside to eliminate waste when it’s raining or if the grass is wet. So you would want to be patient with them. Be persistent.


They are alert watchdogs who will raise the alarm whenever they sense any stranger, which could be an animal, a vehicle, or just about any person unknown to them. If your Doxie detects a scent, his instinct is to chase it. So you have got to be prepared with a leash, so he does not pose a threat to strangers.


Never leave your Doxie alone unattended in a yard. A strong instinct to dig is an essential attribute of Dachshund temperament. They can immediately ruin your garden if left to be on their own. Thinking of leaving him alone on your favorite carpet? They may not hesitate to dig through your carpeting.

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When you are thinking of living with a Dachshund, you have got to remember that they are natural hunters and can their natural hunting instinct keeps them on their toes. He can keep himself busy with hunting, tracking, and digging activities.


Doxies have great athletic ability and Dachshund temperament is sure reflection of this trait. They may have delicate backs, but they are built to work. Make sure the Dachshund get’s enough of exercise to use up their energy overdose.

If they are not being athletic or playful, they are cuddled up against you or being pampered in your lap. They are extremely protective and possessive of their favorite person in the house and may not hesitate to protect you if they sense something dangerous. Do not be surprised if they risk their own lives to safeguard you.

Dachshund temperament and personality traits make the dog a favorite household breed. When you fall in love with a Doxie, living with a Dachshund becomes a habit. You can’t stop at just one. Perhaps the sausage dog charm is hard to resist.

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