Tips To Stop Dachshund Digging Problem

Digging is second nature to dogs. But if you have a beautiful garden, your cute and adorable Dachshund can wreak havoc with it. So you would want to take steps to prevent Dachshund digging problem. The only way to do so is to train your pooch so that he will stop digging in your garden.

Dachshund Digging Problem

Your Dachshund loves to dig because they were originally bred to dig out, chase, and kill small rodents. Digging became a natural instinct for Dachshunds, and the breed continues to enjoy digging up your plants, including the ones you have recently planted.

Many of the dog’s closest relatives dig dens to escape heat or cold or to hide treats or anything that they deem valuable, including bones, food, and other objects. Leave your Dachshund in the hot sun and he will welcome you to a ruined garden soon. He may dig a hole in the garden to find a cool place to relax. In your dog’s case, he may find the digging activity sheer entertaining!

Diagnose the Dachshund Digging Problem

Try to find out the root cause of the problem. Why is your pooch digging holes in your yard? Your dog may dig holes for physical comfort, entertainment, or to grab attention. Closely observe where, when, and how your pooch digs. This will help you determine the reason why he digs. Since digging comes naturally to most dog breeds, you cannot stop it completely but you can always channelize your Doxie’s energy in a different direction.

There could be many reasons why your Dachshund digs your lawn, including the following.

  • To hide food
  • For a cool place
  • Simply because they love to do so
  • To escape and find a mate
  • Is second nature to dogs that keeps them balanced
  • To stay active and get rid of boredom

Regardless of the reasons, you must take steps to stop Dachshund digging problem, which is simply unacceptable to you.

Discourage To Stop Dachshund Digging Problem

What better way to stop your pooch from digging your yard than safe discouragement? Catch him in the act of digging and associate your disapproval with the activity. You need to look for ways to make the act of digging a little less pleasurable for the pooch. You may create garden fencing or chicken wire to close off the lawn for the pooch. Punishing your dog will not solve the problem. Rather, you should try to discourage digging by using a garden fencing to close off the area.

You may bury rocks in the area where your pooch digs frequently. The idea is to make digging more difficult for the dog, so he finds the activity less enjoyable and prefers to choose a more entertaining activity.

  • Walk your Doxie at least two times a day. His digging problem behavior could be because of lack of exercise.
  • Play with him using active toys so that he keeps busy. If your dog digs for fun, he usually adopts a playful posture and digs and runs around for entertainment. Keeping him busy in other fun activities should keep him from developing a digging habit.
  • Eliminate any prey that your pooch seems to chase. Dogs often dig to catch burrowing animals living in your garden. This is usually the case if the digging is focused on a single area or at the roots of trees. Can you spot any signs of burrowing animals? If so, then this is the prime reason for your dog’s digging problem. You may want to use safe methods to fence out the rodents. One way to exclude them is to make your garden unattractive to them. However, do not use any toxic product that could prove detrimental or unsafe for your pooch. Remember, anything that could poison one animal could turn toxic for your Doxie as well.
  • Give your dog access to objects that can keep his body comfortable. You may provide him with an insulated doghouse, a bed with proper ventilation, or a shallow wading pool. Some dog breeds prefer to lie flat on hard, cool This is one reason they engage in digging yards, so if you can keep your dog indoors and provide him with a properly air-conditioned area, this should be enough of a distraction to stop dog digging problem.
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Give Your Dog More Attention To Stop Dachshund Digging Problem

Your canine friend is more like your little kid. They are not different from your children in many ways and will not hesitate to grab your attention. Your dog may feel that digging a hole in your patio gets him your attention, so he will continue with the activity to grab your eyeballs. If this is the case, the best way to stop Dachshund digging problem is to ignore him after his digging activity.

Rather, you should choose to praise him for other good behavior that he exhibits. Spend an adequate amount of time with your pooch on other occasions. It is your attention that he desires often, and when he gets the same in other activities, the digging activity won’t interest him any longer. Contrarily, choosing to banish him from your presence or punish him for digging in other ways may only exacerbate their behavior.

Train Your Pooch To Prevent From Digging Your Garden

When it comes to training your Doxie, it will help to start early when he is still young. A younger dog is easier to control than an older one. You can train your pooch to drain their energy onto something else instead of choosing to dig your patio. Do you know exercise is the best way to drain your Doxie’s pent-up energy?

  • Expand your Dachshund’s world and take him for training under a professional trainer.
  • Make him practice what he has learned daily.
  • Keep interesting toys in the garden so that your pooch remains busy.
  • Take him on walks or play with him regularly.
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Create a Digging Pit To Discourage Dachshund Digging Problem

Digging is one habit that dies hard. If this is the case with your Doxie, there is still a way out. One of the best ways to stop Dachshund digging problem is to fill this area with sand or loose dirt.

Creating a dog pit is a great way to provide a solution for your Doxie who naturally likes to dig up your garden. This gives them a place where they can use their natural instinct to dig and do whatever he wants to. To encourage your dog to use the digging pit, it is a good idea to bury bones, toys, and treats under the surface level. Praise him when he shows interest in digging the pit, and he should soon find the activity more enjoyable than digging your garden.

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