Adorable Dog Video: Energetic Dachshund on A Holiday

Photo from ssggrock

Have you ever taken your Dachshund on a holiday? Meet Spithas. After 11 months of hard work, he finally has a chance to enjoy a much-needed vacation on a beautiful Greek island. Leaving behind his usual self of barking at strangers, digging in the garden, and running after birds, now he is on holiday mood.

Spithas takes every opportunity to have fun. He shows off his energetic and fearless side as he conquers the beautiful Chalkidiki waters. He swims, floats, and dives countless times. He can also be seen running around the beach and digging. Truly, Spithas is living the life.

Watch this adorable holiday video of Spithas, and may this clip inspire you to go on a well-deserved break with your Doxie too.

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