This Dachshund Knows How To Say “I Love You”

Photo from Randy Davison

How does your Dachshund respond when you tell him you love him?

Charlie Brown, the Dachshund, responds by saying “I love you.” Yes, talking Dachshunds are a thing and they are adorable. In this clip, Charlie Brown’s parents shower love on the intelligent Doxie by saying I love you many times, and every time, they get an adorable “I love you” back.

Other Doxie owners’ hearts will surely melt at seeing how much they love each other, and this clip makes owners want to hug their Dachshunds and whisper countless “I love yous” to them too.

Perhaps for your next training session, you might want to consider teaching this trick to your Doxie too. Just do not forget to have your treats and limitless affection ready.

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